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Top Online Marketing Tool You Need To Grow Your Business!

You will be surprised to know that there are almost 28 million small businesses in the U.S alone, and this number is increasing at a very fast pace. Many factors have made starting a business in the modern era easy, and that’s why more and more people are converting their brilliant idea into a business.

But with so many small businesses joining the industry every year, the importance of gaining a competitive edge has increased by many folds. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or a medium-sized business; if you want to gain a competitive edge, then you just can’t ignore the internet.

It doesn’t matter which type of industry you are in; you will have to opt for NYC digital marketing services and come up with a good plan that will strengthen your online presence and make your business easily discoverable.

You can surely have a specified and clearly defined digital marketing plan with the help of NYC digital marketing services, but you will also need to use advanced online marketing tools that will boost your digital marketing plans.

So, without any further ado, let’s go through the top online marketing tools you need in order to fuel the growth of your business.


If you think that email marketing is outdated, then you need to do your research. You should know that more than 80% of businesses still use email marketing in one form or another. Instead of waiting, you should start using email marketing and use the best email marketing provider in the form of MailChimp. This advanced and obviously the most popular email marketing provider has more than 12 million customers, and this number alone speaks for its effectiveness and features.

If you are running a business on a very small scale, then you can fulfill your email marketing needs with even the free features of MailChimp. All the users with less than 2,000 subscribers don’t need to pay even a single penny in order to use MailChimp.


Content is surely the king of the digital platform, and knowing which type of content will work best for you can do wonders for your business. With BuzzSumo, you don’t need to go through complicated research or opt for guesswork when it comes to using content in its best form.

This advanced online marketing tool gives you a detailed analysis of the content you use, and on the basis of the data and trend provided by this tool, you can enhance your content strategy and streamline your online presence. This effective tool is even used in NYC digital marketing services by professionals.

But the best part is this advanced online marketing tool is very easy to use. From running a search for primary keywords to knowing how content is performing on social media sites, BuzzSumo can be used in various different ways.


If you want to make the most of your online presence, then you can’t just ignore social media platforms. Your presence on social media platforms becomes more important if you are going to start a business and if your business is of local interest.

There are many social media platforms, and you will need to take advantage of most of them. But how will you share and manage all your social media accounts? With the help of Buffer!

Buffer is a simple but very effective online marketing tool that is used for seamless social media marketing management in NYC digital marketing services. Some of the most useful features of Buffer are

  • Ability to schedule posts for later.
  • Posting on different social media platforms with a couple of seconds.
  • Easy tracking of engagement and interaction on different social media platforms.


You will need to integrate all your digital presence in order to make them complement each other. Showing your social media presence on your website is crucial, and the best way to do it is through Proof.

You can opt for this advanced online marketing tool at just $24/month, and it will allow you to show your social media presence on your website in the most effective and seamless way.

Downloading it is very easy, as just copying and pasting the pixel on your site page will do the work. After pasting Proof on your site page, it will automatically integrate with the CRM of your website, and then it will show your customers:

  • Reviews
  • Videos testimonial
  • Live visitor count
  • Social media post
  • Social media links, and much more

This advanced online marketing tool allows digital marketers to integrate various ratings, reviews, and posts on the website of their clients in an easy way.

Survey Anyplace

If you want to have an enhanced survey creation experience, then you should not hesitate to use the popular Survey Anyplace tool. You can use this tool for free, but for the enterprise version, you will have to pay $42 per month.

Survey Anyplace has streamlined the way people used to create surveys for their business. You can easily create your own survey and customize it in order to make it fit in your specific business needs without any hassle.

Survey Anyplace knows what’s trending in the modern era, and that’s why they have optimized their platform for mobile while making survey creation quick and simple. Many businesses have reported that they were able to get better insight after using Survey Anyplace.

Google Analytics

This is surely one of the best free tools from Google, and you shouldn’t miss including it in your list of online marketing tools. If you are using any type of NYC digital marketing services, then be sure that they must be using Google Analytics. Just in a couple of minutes, you will be able to add Google Analytics to your website code, and then you will get the power of tracking the activity of every visitor.

You might consider Google Analytics as just a traffic tool, but if you are able to use it efficiently, then it will surely have a big impact on your digital marketing strategy. From knowing where your traffic comes from to understanding which page is getting more visitors, Google Analytics will tell you everything.

Include all the above mentioned online marketing tools in your digital marketing strategy and strengthen your online presence. If you opt for the services of NYC digital marketing services, then you will be able to make the most of these advanced online marketing tools.

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