Turning into a Modern Detective Thanks to a Different Type of Directory

Have you ever wanted to become a detective? If you’re like most people, there’s going to be a tentative yes somewhere in the back of your mind. We all grow up with stories of amazing detective work. Some fictional detectives almost seem like modern day wizards as they weave their way through a mystery.

And some of the best results come from detectives who are able to make a real difference in the world. Who doesn’t dream of leveraging special skills in order to make the world a better place? But what would you say to the idea of making that dream a reality? It’s less improbable than you might imagine. And the main reason comes down to modern technology.

We live in a time when supercomputers exist in every pocket. And this is true in both a literal and more figurative sense. The computers used on space shuttles and moon missions usually clocked in at around 0.004077 GHz. The fairly advanced Hubble runs only slightly faster thanks to an 80486 processor. But even a mid-range smartphone clocks in at around 1.2 GHz. The power of smartphones continues to grow as ARM processors become more successful. And one would do well to remember that our phones also function in large part to access even more powerful computers.

If you’ve ever used cloud computing than you’ve worked with computers that outpower your phone by a fairly wide margin. This is a huge amount of computing power. And you can now consider just what that would mean when put up against a modern mystery. Our phones are also the source of many mysteries. Have you ever received a phone call from a number that you just can’t place? Or had a friend mention the same in a somewhat worried tone? It’s hardly a rare event in people’s lives.

We tend to wonder about those numbers. But at the same time, we don’t want to risk getting entwined in a chain of phone calls that might even link us to scammers or spammers. We want to get in touch with the important people. But meanwhile we have an equally strong desire to avoid unpleasant phone calls.

This is where the idea of a modern-day tech detective comes in. You can simply use your phone to connect with an any Unknown Phone Number Public Directory. This is a large database which typically draws from multiple sources. And therein one can find the tools true potential.

The database is a central repository of phone numbers. And using it one can essentially trace a number back in time. It can show quite a bit of information about the caller. And even in those instances where information is sparse it can provide a solid starting point. So consider the case of a missed call.

One could use the database to find out that the number belonged to a lost love. Someone who hesitated to call back because of concerns over how one handled things since then. It could lead to a joyous or even romantic reconciliation. But that only happens when one has been able to actually track down the identity of a caller. But it’s all a day in the life of a modern tech detective.

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