Understanding Teen Therapy and Why Your Child May Need It

The word psychotherapy brings many doubts in our mind because mental health disorders are considered as a taboo among most of the communities. For us, mental health treatment is meant for someone who has gone crazy or mad and needs mental asylum assistance. However, nobody has such kind of perception when it comes to physical health problems. To an extent, we may agree on the mental health treatment of adults for elders but turns into panic mode when it comes to teenagers or kids. First of all, it is important to understand that our brain is one of the most powerful as well as a fragile organ in the body. Just like the rest of the body, it also needs adequate care and treatment when feeling sick. The definition of mental illnesses is more complex than headache, inflammation, pain or other physical sensations. You have to accept this truth that teenagers also suffer from mental health problems and they need your support even if they don’t want to share it. Here is a list of some common reasons why they become mentally ill.

  • Violence impact
    Whether it is domestic violence or they have seen something happening bad outside, such kind of traumatic incidents implies a deep impact on the mind of teenagers.

  • Stressful life

Currently, teenagers are also suffering from stressful life because of their study burden and too many expectations from parents. 

  • Medical conditions

In some teenagers, medical conditions are responsible for mental health problems. They can be genetically inherited or developed later.

  • Relationship trouble

The teenage mind is curious as well as highly fragile to handle. Losing a relationship whether it is there first love affair or death of loved ones imply a deep impact on mental health.

  • Substance abuse

Many parents don’t want to admit but it is a truth that substance abuse is evening the mental health of teens massively. If they are indulged in alcohol or drug consumption, an immediate experiential therapist is needed to diagnose and provide suitable treatment.

  • Anxiety and other behavioural problems

Being anxious is normal if it is occasional and not interfering too much in the life of an individual. However, some teenagers suffer from an anxiety disorder which makes them feel uncomfortable especially while interacting publicly. There can also be many other behavioural reasons including skill deficits and social life issues. 

An experiential teen therapist near you can diagnose the conditions in a better way to identify the core reason. They are mental health counselling service providers specialized in providing teen therapy. 

Specifically customized therapies for teens

  • Behaviour therapy

If your teenage child is showing shopping behavioural changes like anger anxiety depression and substance abuse, they need behavioural therapy. This involves cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. These therapies help in making them learn how to react against their anxiety depression and other mental health conditions.

  • Family therapy

For this therapy implementation, family members need counselling by an experiential teen therapist. They instruct parents with tips on how to treat a teen facing mental health issues delicately. 

According to the need of the hour, teen therapist near you can also provide group therapy and individual therapy services. 

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