When Can you Be Searched for Marijuana and Drugs?

The topic of marijuana is less often a taboo in public life, but marijuana is still illegal in many countries, so when using it, you must be prepared for the risks of collision with the authorities. In that case, get a drug offence lawyer brampton.

According to law and criminal law firm Brampton, marijuana is defined as a high-risk narcotic substance for public health. It is officially known as hemp or cannabis because it is derived from hemp plants, but among people it is known by many different names like marijuana, weed, joint and more. It is banned in human and veterinary medicine according to Brampton criminal defence lawyer. The Criminal Code defines the acquisition and possession of narcotics as a crime, providing for a more severe penalty for acquiring or holding high-risk narcotic substances such as marijuana.

If you have legal issues on the subject, the best thing you can do is contact a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton. It’s not expensive at all.

Despite the popular opinion among people that marijuana is a light drug and not so dangerous compared to other drugs, according to legislation it is equated with all other drugs i.e. cigarette marijuana is equal to the law as a dose of heroin or one gram of cocaine, so and 5 ecstasy pills.

  • It is important to dispel the single dose or known as personal marijuana myths

The Criminal Code dropped the part that exempts from criminal liability if you have a disposable drug. This means that no matter how much marijuana you have inside, you are criminally responsible and committing a crime.

How can they find marijuana?

In order to get you into holding marijuana, the cops must first search you, i.e. – make a personal search for you says Brampton criminal lawyer.

This means that with a targeted police check on marijuana, there must be evidence that you or the car you are driving is in some way related to the possession, transfer or trade of marijuana or any other crime, i.e. there must be ground for a law-enforcement search. It would be wrong for you to be screened just because you appear to be so, and have to ask the police about the reason for the search against you. Checking your car (opening the trunk, digging into the compartment or other places in the car) also means a personal search. For this search to be lawful, a record must be drawn up and signed by a witness, and then the record is validated in court. Even if they find out that you own marijuana, if there is no protocol drawn up properly, then you are not criminally liable because the inspection by the law enforcement authorities was illegal and therefore the results of the inspection are illegal. The detention of you or of the marijuana you possess without drawing up a report means that the police are abusing their powers, which gives rise to the thought of a possible racketeering on their part against you. Make sure to Brampton criminal law firm to stay protected.

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