Which is a More Preferable Pickup – 2021 Colorado or 2021 Silverado Series?

Well, when it comes to pickups one of the automobile manufacturers which is way ahead in the game is Chevrolet. Several models and their trims ensure that people get what they want when they are purchasing a pickup truck from Chevrolet. However, the question which revolves around the mind of an individual is which one is more preferable to buy the 2021 Colorado or the 2021 Silverado series.

It is a confusing question, which is why details about both these models are laid down for you to understand which should be your ideal choice when going to Greenville Chevrolet deslership. Take a look!

2021 Colorado

Base model comes with 4-cylinder engine and auto 6-speed transmission. Apart from it other variation available are V6 paired with auto 8-speed transmission for 308 HP and another diesel only option of four-cylinder 2.8L  that generates massive torque of 369 lb-ft.

To have the best experience one should opt for either V6 or diesel engine trim. Diesel trim is ideal for people looking to tow ample weight regularly. For example, the V6 can tow 7000 pounds, while the diesel format can tow up to 7700 lbs while the standard engine can tow just about 3500 lbs.

Fuel efficiency offers the V6 to get 17 mpg and 24 mpg in city and highway respectively while the standard four-cylinder offers 19 mpg (city) and 25 mpg (highway). Lastly, the diesel variant offers 20 mpg (city) and 20 mpg (highway).

Also, interior is sophisticated enough to make it look a little bit posh along with comfortable seats that makes it quite an attractive vehicle to purchase for people needing a pickup truck. Starting price of Colorado is $25,200. To know the whole price details visit Chevrolet Greenville dealer.

2021 Silverado Series

The first thing an individual should is that Silverado is available in different models and trims. Silverado offers 1500 series along with 2500 and 3500 HD version to people looking for one. Engines available for 1500 includes diesel Duramax, V6, and two V8s. This shows that 1500 is ideal for any task.

The two V8 available are 6.2L and 5.3L which produces horsepower of 420 and 355 respectively, while the V6 generates 310 horsepower. It has a maximum towing capacity of 13,000 lbs. Also, it has more than enough interior design and styling that would offer not just a comfortable ride. The 1500 Silverado costs $28,900; however, opting for the higher end trims would be a better option for you.

Now coming to 2500 and 3500 HD series, both these models comes with options for powertrain where one can either choose to V8 6.6L which generates 401 HP and torque 464 lb-ft or simply go for the diesel option that cerates 445 HP along and 910 lb-ft torque.

Apart from these, Chevy allows people to customize it in their own sophisticated way and numerous features are standard option for these models. The starting price of 2500 HD is $34,900 while the 3500 HD costs $36,100.

Now that you know details of all pickups from Chevrolet, choose one which is more suitable to your need.

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