Why is Windows VPS more Expensive than Linux VPS?

Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is fast becoming the hosting platform of choice for a variety of websites. It is a robust, scalable and reliable hosting solution. Available in a wide range of plans, Virtual Private Server Hosting also offers two choices of operating systems: Windows and Linux. Apart from all the technical and architectural differences, there is one prominent differentiating factor between the two – cost.

Though affordable, Windows VPS costs more than Linux VPS. Both these versions are almost evenly matched in performance and reliability. If there are no technical considerations, such as the need to run specific software, the choice between the two boils down to their prices. Other than the few advantages they have over each other, they offer almost the same features.

So why is Windows VPS more expensive than Linux VPS Hosting?

  1. Licensing Fees

Linux is an open-source operating system. As such, it has no additional costs like licensing costs. It can be downloaded for free. Windows is a proprietary OS, and Microsoft charges licensing fees on a perpetual monthly fees basis for using it. Hosting providers pass off this cost to their customers, which adds to the overall cost.

  1. Additional Hardware Costs

Linux is a light OS and doesn’t make heavy demands on hardware. It runs problem-free even on minimal hardware and provides a stellar performance. Windows, on the other hand, has higher system demands in order to perform smoothly. E.g. while Linux needs 3-4 GB of space, Windows takes up 15 GB. The extra hardware adds to the VPS Server price, driving it up.

  1. The Support Cost

Linux is an open-source OS, and it has a global developer community that works tirelessly to support it. It does not cost anything. Windows support has to be Microsoft-certified, and the certification costs money. When you buy web hosting, the support cost is added to the price. Consequently, Windows VPS costs more than Linux VPS.

  1. Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is a high cost for hosting providers. Linux is relatively easy to maintain as its hardware requirements are not very comprehensive. Windows servers need heavier hardware which requires heavier maintenance. While the difference may not be much, the pricing goes up when we consider the cost of maintaining thousands of Windows servers.

  1. Proprietary Software

Most of the software that runs on Windows is not free, whether it’s made by Microsoft or any third party. Some of these applications can be really expensive or are available with the subscription model. This ultimately adds to the cost of Windows VPS Hosting, which is one more reason you’ll find Windows VPS to be more expensive when you’re out to buy web hosting.

One of the best things about VPS Hosting is the number of choices that are available when it comes to operating systems. The final choice will be dictated by your website’s technical requirements and the ecosystem to which it is invested in. Either way, you cannot go wrong with VPS Hosting – Windows or Linux, as long as you buy it from a reliable VPS Hosting provider.


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