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Working the Magic of Pukhraj

Pukharai or the yellow sapphire is a powerful stone that helps in channelizing the power of Jupiter. Acquiring an original pukhraj is not impossible but it will not come cheap. If you wear it at the right time then this stone can get you to the pinnacle of success in a very short time. The stone also goes    by many other names like pushyagram, pushparaj, guru ratna, pitmani and more. Whatever the name of the stone, its effects remain the same. You can buy pukhraj online and wear the same on the right finger to get the benefits.

Benefits of wearing the stone

The yellow sapphire is a stone for the ambitious. The sole purpose of this stone is to help you to greatness. Unrealised dreams and ambitions can get wings only with the help of this.

  • Wearing the yellow sapphire can aid you in any sphere of life. It signifies wealth, knowledge, improved health and a general sense of well-being.
  • The pukhraj stone helps in improving the financial condition as well. You can earn success,honour, respect, prosperity and fame with the help of the stone. All of the above guides you towards a better monetary position.
  • Success is not always measured with improvement in career. It can also be measured in how blissful is your relationship with your partner. Pukhraj is extremely useful in this case also. Men and women who are facing obstacles in the path of marriage for finding love then resort to you wearing a yellow pukhraj. It instantly improves your marital life also as well as your career.
  • Health-wise also, if you are unsuccessful and suffering from different elements then wearing the stone can help you get through them. People suffering from skin problems, blood circulation problems, jaundice, throat,and fat accumulation should try to wear a yellow sapphire. You will find your problems alleviating within some time of wearing this stone after buying pukhraj online. But do ensure that you are wearing and original sapphire because they can be there and difficult to recognise.
  • Sapphire is ruled by Jupiter which is also known as guru or teacher. Therefore, people who have taken up teaching as a profession are likely to be extra benefited by wearing this stone.
  • Wearing the yellow sapphire clearing your communication and expression skills. This particular skin is important in every sphere of life but those in the creative profession are likely to get a bonus point. Improve communication will lead to you better workand hence success in the professional field. So, you can see that sapphire strengthens all the points that can actually lead to a successful career.
  • People suffering from lack of concentration can also benefit from this stone. This is in taking your academic and professional goals more seriously then before. You become more confident and focused by wearing the yellow sapphire.

The yellow sapphire should be purified in holy water before wearing it. The best day to wear it is Thursday and ideally, on the index finger of your hand.

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