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3 Ways You Can Grow Your Strength Using Home Cardio Workouts

There are numerous workout routines that the person can adopt in their life. However, the routines might vary based on the requirement of the body. The gym routine, running, walking, cardio, aerobics and all other things are useful to lose weight. However, when it comes to building strength then you can try cardio. You will not have to visit any gym instead you can opt for home cardio workouts very easily. The below list will help in understanding the different routines that can push your strength by increasing the heart rate.

Skipping Rope

The oldest and the traditional form of cardio routine is skipping rope.

  • Skipping rope is very common and people start learning it from school itself.
  • The exercise is the best way to increase the heart rate gradually and altering between rest and exercise will help in maintaining the rates.
  • It would require minimal equipment that is rope and some space to rotate it.

Jumping Exercises

If you do not have much space and still you want to perform cardio then you can try using jumping exercises.

  • The basic jumping exercise is jumping jacks. In this exercise, jumping on toes can help in continuing the exercise for a longer time. The movement of the hand can help in giving movement to all the parts of the body.
  • Jogging in place is another form that can enhance the heart rate gradually. The person can experience the gist of the workout and build their strength gradually.
  • Squat jumps are the best cardio routine for thigh and hips. However, it is tough to perform them initially and gradually you will get strength to do the workout.


Burpees have been recognized as the most effective full body cardio workout. The basic steps involve jumping and changing the position of the body. These things can help in increasing the heart rate and also maintaining it. The exercise requires minimal space and it can be performed without any equipment. It is the most easy and most effective form of home cardio workouts.

Apart from the above stated forms, there are many other cardio routines that can help in maintaining the strength of the body.

  • Dancing is accepted as the most enjoyable and effective type of cardio routine. It does increase the heart rate and it is useful because people often push their limits while enjoying the dance.
  • Running the stairs is also possible at home for people who stay on higher levels. Even climbing the stairs can serve as the best cardio workout routine.
  • Other numerous forms such as kickboxing, walking, cross leg jumping and side jumps can also help in performing the cardio routines.

The main benefit of performing home cardio workouts is that the person does not have to worry about equipment and space. Thus, the routine can help in building strength. The basic concept used by cardio is to increase the heartbeat then take a break to reduce it and then again give it a boost. The variation in the heart rate will help in building the desired strength without any issues.

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