Working from home became the new normal – Covid 19

The biggest change has been the forced isolation that has affected billions of people around the world. Remote work has become the new norm and most people are now working from home. Such drastic changes have forced us to completely redefine our approach to work, which actually turned out to be good for us.

What are the key benefits of working from home?

The situation with COVID19 developed so rapidly that by the time people noticed what was happening, they were already in isolation at home. Those whose profession allowed them to work from home began to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of working in a home office. One of the greatest advantages of remote work is the comfort we feel at home. Coffee in your own mug and headphones with your favourite music has made the transition easier and many people now prefer working from home. The most important thing is to adapt well to the situation – if you can’t help but work from home now, worrying about it and becoming frustrated will only make matters worse. Instead, it is worth thinking about the positives of this situation, and there are many of them:

• we do not spend money on fuel and commuting,
• we can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, because our house or apartment is the best place for us,
• we can wear sweatpants because conference calls are held only via webcams,

However, it is important to prevent feelings of isolation as it has a heavy impact on our productivity. Contact with friends and on-line entertainment, such as video games or telecommunications, effectively reduce the feeling of isolation.

Work efficiently, but don’t forget to rest

When working from home, it is very easy to lose the balance between work and family life. This is due to the fact that we are responsible for controlling our pace of work, which in the case of a hardworking person can quickly turn into workaholism.

Everything indicates that remote work has become a new standard, so it is worth getting used to it, instead of trying to resist changes. If you are looking for HR specialists and want to learn more about remote work, be sure to check out !

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