Age And Home

For people who are full of life, with zest in being active and alive, old age can be a terrible dampener. Dashing off to a distant picnic spot, watching the latest movie, making friends at a faraway pub, even concentrating on arduous work all day or all night, all seem to wind down. Failing eyesight makes negotiating unknown places difficult, falling digestion makes tasting unknown food risky, wrinkled faces and falling hair make easy targets for charlatans and rogues, life suddenly seems so difficult . And it does stop there. For those blessed with long life, it begins to seem like a curse instead. While it is certainly true that one’s own family can be the best Caregivers when one gets older, for the simple reason that, having lived with the aged for so long, they know the person best, his/her moods, quirks, and special needs. But life moves on for them too. If they are not retired people themselves, it may become progressively more difficult for them to squeeze out the time to look after the elderly. The elder person may be much loved at home, but other members of the family may have priority appointments. It is certainly possible to find alternative accommodation for senior members of the household, or locate appropriate senior home care, but this is generally not satisfactory for some reasons.

Heart Break of Leaving Home

Euphemistically known as ‘Old Age Homes’, these are basically bomb shelters for senior people. As we all get older, a time comes when the whole world seems to threaten the well being of the old person. Even if this is not actually true, and families dearly love the old one, a certain mindset and psychosis makes the old feel as if the whole world were against them. Old age homes are housing facilities intended for a group of the elderly only. Nursing care as well as all the necessities of life are generally provided, and often, at the better old age homes, a genuine attempt is made to make the residents feel at home and happy. But unfortunately after some time, particularly when death begins to call at the door, the elderly desperately want to return, each to their own home.

Care At Home

The good news is that several special groups and professional organizations have sprung up, who can provide, for a price, specialized care at home that only a Nursing Home or Old Age Home could provide before. Senior home care is a concept that has been spreading like wild fire, from major cities to towns. This care is all inclusive, and is provided by different professionals as and when required. At last, elders can be happy at home.

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