Changes You Can Make to Ease Young Mortality Rates

Death rates have been increasing among young and middle-aged adults in the United States, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. It is shown to be high among individuals aged 25-44, though the statistical data did not analyze why is it so. However, Dr. Georges Benjamin of The American Public Health Association has some ideas. 

Health issues relating to illegal substance abuse and diseases are linked by Dr. Benjamin as potential causes of the climbing death rate. He said this should be a reason the U.S. should continue focusing on addressing drug abuse and other health issues that give way to the increase in mortality rates.  

Having a beloved die young is a tragic occurrence. They would leave behind unfulfilled dreams and a life that would never be fully lived. The least that their surviving loved ones can do for them is to commemorate their memory starting from the funeral, where they can give their beloved young departed a personalized headstone in West Valley City or any other location.

Here’s more about the increasing mortality rate and the things we can do to deal with the issue:

Understand the Impact of Poor Mental Health

Uncontrollable drug use is stated by Dr. Georges Benjamin as one of the reasons death among young people is so rampant. We must understand why some people resort to this harmful activity instead of judging them.

Although drug use starts with a person volunteering in the act, the eventual inability to control usage despite the dangerous consequences is what would make it a chronic disease that’s prone to relapsing. These harmful drugs can make persistent changes in the brain that forces the user to have weakened self-control.

There are various reasons some people get addicted to drugs, and it is important to note them. Mental health issues are among them, which can be a result of traumas and environmental aspects. If you know someone who may be struggling with their mental health, reach out to them and try to understand them. Encourage them to get professional help before they resort to dangerous activities. 

It’s common to be reminded that we should keep eating healthy to avoid illnesses, but health goes far beyond what we put in our stomachs; it involves what we put in our minds, too. We should fill our minds with healing thoughts and seek help if necessary before it’s too late.

Stay Informed About Other Physical Health Issues

Apart from fatal diseases like cancer, there are also deaths caused by other diseases that we may not be commonly talking about. Pregnancy complications are among the leading causes of death among 700 women in the United States every year. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than half of pregnancy-related deaths can be prevented.

Heart disease and stroke contributed to more than one-third of these fatalities. Obstetric emergencies are also leading causes of maternal deaths. After giving birth, other fatal issues may arise such as high blood pressure, severe bleeding, and infection. The most significant risk factor, however, was postpartum cardiomyopathy or weakened heart muscle.

According to the CDC, educating expectant mothers on the potentially fatal risks of pregnancy can help them identify complication indicators early, and in turn, they’d be able to seek services from health care providers before it’s too late.

The CDC also recommended health care providers to standardize the ways they respond to pregnancy emergencies. States and communities should also be able to provide better housing and transportation, so expectant mothers will have a healthier journey.

As empathic beings, it should be natural for us to care and watch out for one another. Eating healthy is one thing, but nurturing a healthy mind and/or working double to maintain good health for an unborn child are another. They’re huge responsibilities we must observe to prolong our lives. Life is a gift, so we shouldn’t take it for granted. Having all the fun and pleasures in the world is okay, as long as we do it in a healthy way.

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