Why SUV Owners Need to Undergo These Special Maintenance Services

The current day automotive trend has placed the popularity of owning SUVs more than any other vehicle type. The reasons for owning an SUV are plenty. Be it its passenger hauling capability, towing and cargo space option, off-road capabilities, strength and reliability, there’s nothing you can’t get in an SUV today. That being said, another fact surfaces the discussion, that maintaining an SUV will also be quite different from that of other cars if you want to make it last longer and maintain its original reliability score.

Above that, when the SUV owners maintain their vehicles well, their vehicles tend to return a higher resale value when it will be time to use the vehicle as a trade-in option.

But how different will be the maintenance course of an SUV in comparison to other luxury cars? Well, the team of mechanics at the Chevrolet service center explained it from A to Z. if you own an SUV, then this piece of maintenance advice is just for you.

Driving Habits

Driving an SUV is not the same as driving a small or compact car. When you drive an SUV, you not only drive a bigger and powerful vehicle than that of sedans and other compact luxury cars, but you also have to deal with a higher center of gravity, that has the maximum tendency to trip over when turned at a fast speed or trying to slide down icy or snowy surfaces. SUVs are also prone to skids, especially if it is not driving with the four-wheel drive mode. So, the first step towards extending the lifespan of your SUV vehicle is to take the corners at a slower pace while applying the brakes a bit in advance.

Schedule for SUV Maintenance

The engine and every other running parts of an SUV will be naturally more expensive than other smaller sized cars, because of their larger sizes, and also because of the complexity with which they work. So all SUV owners need to prepare themselves for a higher budget for all the maintenance and repair work, that will come in its way.

Since SUVs are majorly crafted and engineered for off-road driving, it becomes really important to take extra care of the suspension and see that it is in good condition. This is the only way, to prevent your vehicle from bouncing when passing through undulated and unpaved surfaces. The tires too need a special attention, when it comes to maintaining an SUV. Hence, you always need to maintain proper air pressure while rotating them as often as you can.

The experts at the Seaside Chevrolet service rounded up the conversation with a mandatory maintenance tip for the SUV owners, about changing the engine oil and filter in regular interval, which is essential to keep its engine run smoothly. They also explained the importance of regular washes, that should essentially include spraying underneath and on the wheel wells. This is more important for those who often go for off-road trips and pass through overly dusty places.

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