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Everything You Need To Know About Green Energy

The Popularity of Green Energy Use is on the Rise

There are many different types of green energy. The one thing that they have in common is that they are not harmful to the health of living creatures or to the planet. The use of green energy is important in order to maintain the earth and to lower air and water pollution. Various types of green energy are:

  1. Solar Power
  2. Hydropower
  3. Geothermal
  4. Wind Power
  5. Biomass and more

Biomass green energy is a form of energy that the average person has not heard of. If an individual happens to work around environmentalists or if they are a scientist then most likely they heard of biomass. To put it in short terms biomass is the transformation of by-products into electricity. These products are a collection of leftover sugar, animal manure, wood chips, etc. Other materials such as corn and ethanol are also used. When the biomass is burned heat appears. This heat source is energy. The energy is then turned into electricity.

Solar power is becoming very popular. This type of energy is extremely convenient for home and plant use. The good thing about solar energy is that enough solar radiation lands on the surface of our planet hourly to support our energy needs for a full year. The core of the sun holds what is called nuclear fusion reactions. These reactions are capable of producing very large amounts of power. This power discharges from the surface and spheres into space, this action takes place in the manifestation of light and heat.

Photovoltaics enables solar power to be captured and used as energy. Another name for these cells is solar thermal collectors. The solar panels on rooftops contain these cells and allow them to perform. The way it all works is that the light is engrossed in the cells. When inside of the cells the electrons that have heavily populated inside of the cells are shaken loose. Remember energy can only be formed once the cells are shaken loose. Once this occurs a current is created. Upon being captured the currents are transferred into wires.

If a trip is ever taken to the midwest, the first things that will be noticed are the miles and miles of windmills. Placing windmills in areas where there is very high wind pressure is how energy power is able to be harnassed. The amount of usable energy that is collected due to this process is quite remarkable. The clean energy that does not harm nature in any way.

Geothermal also provides a substantial amount of energy. However, an underground spot must be located. And then there is hydropower. Water is extremely powerful. It carries a force that has rarely been seen. A good 70% of our green energy use comes from hydropower.

As society begins to move closer and closer to including green energy into their lives, it is also noticed that temporary prepaid energy is becoming more popular. Pogo Energy gives customers the ability to pay for energy before actually using it. There are no long term contracts, no credit checks, and no deposits. Pogo energy allows customers to know ahead of time what their bill is going to be. If a customer happens to run out of money in their account they will simply add more funds.

This type of energy makes life much simpler. It gets rid of all the doubt, surprises, and worry. And having electricity in your home becomes that much easier.

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