Explore the beauty of the 7-sisters with Northeast tour packages.

The states of the North-east region are officially recognized under the National Eastern Council and further constitutes 7 major states namely- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, and Nagaland. These 7-states have been collectively known as the 7-sisters representing both a geographic and political-administrative of the country. Mostly influenced by the Burmese invasion, these states owe a certain inter-dependence amongst each other and share a culture that is popular in every corner of the world.

Including the subtropical climate, another major feature of the Northeast is Kanchenjunga located in Sikkim, which is also the highest mountain peak in the world situated in Sikkim-Nepal border. Although, many parts of the Northeast like Assam and Tripura experience a significant tropical climate with a symbolic heavy rainfall around the year, yet most parts of Sikkim and Meghalaya, especially at higher altitudes experience temperate climatic conditions.

The contrast in climates and terrain but a similar cultural, heritage and civilization is one of the major attractions for tourists. This has also. Influenced the demand for Northeast tour packages in and around the country.

The Northeast is diverse in its ecology and rich in its heritage.

Among the major highlights of the states, collective biodiversity can be significantly stated as:

  • 51 forest types comprised of six major types of forests-
    • Tropical moist deciduous
    • Tropical semi-evergreen
    • Tropical wet evergreen
    • Subtropical
    • Temperate, and
    • Alpine
  • More than 60 percent of the state’s heritage is covered in hills.
  • Comprises of the second-largest Hotspot in the world.
  • Many diverse species of flora and fauna together abound in the Northeast.

These essentially rich features of these states make them a significant tourist attraction and gather people from around the world. Tourism also comprehends a huge part of its economy.

A variety of significant tourist destinations are present around the states.

Northeast collectively comprises of significant tourist destinations. Among the national parks like Khangchendzonga National Park and Kaziranga National Park are the most popular. From the clouded leopard of Meghalaya to the Red panda of Sikkim, many species of rare animals and plants abide in the Northeast forests and is a significant reason to attract tourists to these states.

The state popularises an essential Tibetan meal like the Bhangui from Tripura, Thukpa from Sikkim, Red rice from Arunachal Pradesh to state a few. Apart from this, the culture and heritage of the North-eastern states are major contributors to Tourism. The Bihu dance from Assam, the Nyokum festival of Arunachal Pradesh, the cultures of the Bodo, Garo and Angami tribe are the leading aspects of Northeast tour packages.

The revolution of Ramayana to the modern Indo-Aryan language is depicted significantly by the 7-sisters. This has attracted many archaeologists and philanthropists to these sites. The living root beaches and the toy trains that cater to the desires of the tourists to discover what these forests look like up-close is also of greater significance in the Northeast. With these tour packages, one can significantly explore the beauty that abounds by the 7-sisters.

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