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Wedding is the most important day in the life of lovers, which begins a completely new stage in their relationship. In the center of the celebration is always the bride charming, irresistible, the only one. Her outfit always stands out against the background of guests present at the festival. The juhlamekot can be any style, color. It is important that the dress was to face the bride. This is the blessing that the modern wedding fashion offers various options. Each, even the most demanding bride will be able to find a suitable outfit.

How to choose the right style of wedding dress

  • However, looking into the catalog of wedding dresses, many girls are amazed at the abundance of offers. Designers have tried to develop various models that differ in silhouette, type of fabric and color scheme.
  • In many ways, the choice of silhouette depends on the preferences of the bride, as well as the style of the wedding.

There are seven basic silhouettes (styles) of wedding dresses:

Dresses A-silhouette

This dress is a trapezoid and expands gradually (from the waist to the bottom). Choosing an A-silhouette outfit, you can create an elegant image, visually increase growth. From JJ’s House you can have the smart option.

Dress “princess”

In fact, there is some similarity with the outfits of the A-line. However, the princess dress has a more fluffy skirt, as well as a more dramatic expansion to the bottom. This outfit fits girls with any figure.

  • The ball gown has a beautiful corset and a very full skirt.
  • Best suited for brides of high, medium height.

The mermaid style, which has another name “fish”, is in particular demand among modern brides. This silhouette repeats the lines of the body, expanding at the level of the knees. The height of the girl’s height does not matter, but the best of such a dress looks on slender brides.

Empire style fits all girls. In such a dress, the waist is overpriced and begins under the breast. Brides who have a wide waist, big hips, will be able to hide figure flaws and look great in an Empire style dress. This outfit looks great and on low fragile girls.

Tea dress (short) has a small length, which does not fall below the middle of the leg

Dress “case” is an outfit with straight lines cut. If the girl has a sports figure, broad shoulders, this option will be ideal. It is also suitable for slender girls of small stature.

In many ways, the choice of silhouette depends on the preferences of the bride, as well as the style of the wedding.

Another point that needs attention is the material. It should be in line with the season so that the bride does not suffer from heat or cold at the most important event in her life. In addition, the material should be combined with wedding accessories and decoration. Fabrics that are used for tailoring bridal outfits can be different:

  • Shiny (taffeta, silk or satin)
  • Matte (velvet, wet silk, satin)
  • Air (it can be chiffon, tulle or organza).

Today, lace dresses are also in trend, which are made with the use of lace elements or from one-piece lace canvas.

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