House cleaning method in 10 minutes

Cleaning the house When there is not enough time for a good cleaning, these are 10 minute quick steps by minute, to make the house as good as it is.

House cleaning

When there is not enough time for a good cleaning, these are 10 quick quick steps by minute, to make the home look the best.

What to do

Work quickly and systematically

Hide things

Carry the main cleaning elements

Carry a basket to collect things that should not be in the place of cleaning

What not to do

Not focusing on one problem for a long time

The goal is clear, not clean

Do not do one thing and waste time for the rest of things

A: There is no concern about not doing everything

The guests will bring a bit of chaos

Do not forget to open the windows to enter the fresh air

10 minutes

Beginning in the kitchen, remove clean dishes to the cabinet or drawers, hide dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or in the sink, and can return to clean them after friends leave.

9 minutes

Crumbs and leftovers often leave the kitchen in turmoil, so you should search for them all over and put them in a box, quickly wiping the table top with a damp cloth.

8 minutes

After the kitchen, to the living room, and return the cushions and pillows to their places allocated on the arms of the sofa or back after shaking well.

7 minutes

The mess of papers and letters is arranged by placing them in the drawers, deporting any things that are not in place to the laundry basket, then stacking books and magazines in a neat row, and moving any other items beside the TV or inside the cabinet.

6 minutes

Guests usually like to gather in the living room, so think about where their eyes will fall, and clean the dust off the table top, shelves, etc. with a damp piece.

5 minutes

The bathroom is one of the places the guest needs, so you should clean the toilet edge thoroughly, replace dirty towels, and hide them in the sink behind the shower, or in the washing machine.

4 minutes

Wipe with a damp cloth of the bathroom mirror to remove toothpaste stains, clean the sink and finish the bathroom with a clean hand towel.

3.2 minutes

The purpose of a quick sweep is to remove objects on the carpet or floor, and can be given extra time when you see any fluff or pluck the leaves.

1 minute

Spend the last minute to finish the frills such as bringing the broom back into place, hiding the basket of things scattered in the closet or bedroom, and finally letting in some fresh air.


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