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How to choose your wedding dress

Discreet and classic, modern and daring … each bride has a temperament of her own, which is why the selection of her wedding dress will be a very personal choice related to her sensitivity and emotions. By themselves, the jewels can transfigure an outfit and thus literally modify what emanates from the bride.

It is therefore important to ensure that your jewelry and wedding accessories express your personality and your desires in this unique day. Your wedding dress is the little extra soul that your dress can not do without.

Adorning her dress with a wedding dress, it is also a wonderful opportunity to have fun … Know that the fantasy of jewelry and accessories is not prohibited on the day, on the contrary … You have always dreamed of to wear flowers and rhinestones in your hair or to wear a choker worthy of an exceptional event, rare? … The most beautiful opportunity is it not your wedding? Is not this the perfect, almost unique circumstance to dare the little touch of fantasy that belongs only to you?

Apart from these considerations of pleasure and sensitivity, other criteria will have to influence your selection: hue of your dress, shape of your neckline, hairstyle…

Well studied, your wedding dress will be the essential ally of your beauty: earrings will emphasize the grace of your neck, a necklace will highlight the beauty of your neckline, and hair jewelry will sublimate your hairstyle…


To help you choose your jewelry and bridal accessories,

*** The color of the wedding dress ***

Some colors match each other better than others … so make sure that the hue of your wedding accessories and that of your dress create a harmonious whole:

If your dress is ivory color, we advise you to opt for jewelry “yellow color”, they will enhance wonderfully the shade of your dress.

For a white dress it will be preferable to privilege either “silver” jewelry or a wedding with pearls (the pearl, unconditionally associated with grace, displays an eternal charm)

A cream dress will accept just as much the color “yellow gold”, “silver” as the pearls…

For brides who wish to add to the chromatic palette traditionally associated with the marriage of the keys of colors, you can dare to dare the little point of blue (symbol of purity and fidelity), of Lila, of red … and of course the shades of pink.


To choose its finery, you must first determine which form of necklace is best for your outfit (round necklace, choker, necklace …) and it depends on the neckline of your dress buy necklace from this website.

For a wedding dress with a neckline:

right (ex: bustier type bustier dress): rounded necklace, or just at the neck, necklace with pendant or asymmetrical necklace … all lend themselves wonderfully to the dress with straight neckline.

Heart-shaped: you can afford all the necklaces but we advise you to select a model that falls in the middle of the heart. The development of the neckline will be at its height.

Rising (dress with crew neck or necklace): the dress already dresses in this case the neck, the necklace is superfluous. Then bet on dangling earrings that will subtly emphasize your shoulders and hair accessories that will sublimate your hairstyle.

In v or heart-cover: note that it is essential to dress this type of neckline and that all types of necklaces may be suitable.

Boat: a choker, paired with hanging earrings, will be just lovely.

Stoup: the drapery already dressing the neckline, a discreet necklace will be most appropriate.

American (dress knotted around the neck): the free space is relatively small, prefer a necklace while finesse. You can also perfectly pass necklace and favor for your beauty of the earrings and hair jewelry.

*** The earrings ***

In any case we advise you not to choose too imposing, it would be a shame to overload your face.

With raised or short hair, long and thin earrings will be the best effect, they will enhance your neck and refine your face.

For brides unaccustomed to wearing earrings, delicate and elegant pearls will ensure grace and refinement in all discretion.

It is very important to make sure to match the earrings to your necklace. For that make sure to tune colors and materials (crystal, mother of pearl …).

***The bracelet***

A bracelet brings a note of elegance and refinement essential. Choose it to match other accessories.

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