How to Choose the Best Hiking Watch for You?

If you decide to start your career as a hiker, you have to understand your surroundings and make predictions, such as changes in climate. This is where an ABC watch (altimeter, barometer, compass) can be useful.

How to Choose the Best

  1. Features
  2. The ABC
  3. User interface
  4. Display quality
  5. Additional functions
  6. Counting the time


Nowadays, outdoor watches are increasingly robust. You will also find all kinds of useful features. This includes things like:

  • Time / Date
  • Chronometer
  • Storm Graphics
  • Storm alarms
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS
  • Thermometer

I have analyzed which of these features are available in the watches I have reviewed and I tell you below the best and worst of each house.

The ABC – Altimeter, Barometer, Compass

No, I do not mean the alphabet, but the 3 main functions of a mountain watch.


The altimeter can be fun to check only by your own curiosity, to obtain training data, or additional location information. The accuracy and the possibility of adjustment are important in an altimeter.

Some watches have the ability to load data into the computer, and this can be fun for the addict to the numbers that want to keep track of the routes.


The barometers can be finicky and accuracy is even more important here. These tools are very delicate and tend to need regular adjustments, but improvements have been made in the sector.

The precise barometers are critical for the weather forecast of these watches, so the more sensitive the barometer, the better the prediction. Trends and data retention are excellent for predicting upcoming movements.


The compasses on the watches are an amazing feature! Of all the features available in excursion watches, the compass is my most used and favorite feature.

Having a 2D compass means that the watch must be held completely flat to obtain an accurate reading. A 3D compass is accurate regardless of the angle of the wrist. When it comes to investing in a compass tool, finding a 3D compass is always the best!

User interface

The user interface is everything, from the number of menus, the number of screens, and the customizable functions. Some watches allow you to modify the visualization and change the data that you can see on the home screen.

It is important to find a design that you can read quickly and conveniently to collect all your data.

Display quality

Many watches have a low resolution and a poor screen view, the more refined watches have a high resolution, which means more accurate graphic displays and easier to read data.

The better the resolution, the easier it will be to read smaller and tighter data and words on these small screens. It really makes a difference.


Along with the water resistance, you must take into account the durability of the watch. Look for a quality strap and if you do not want the watch’s lens to be scratched, consider looking for the best hiking watch that has a sapphire lens like the Garmin Fenix.

Sapphire is almost impossible to scratch or splinter, unlike a standard glass lens on cheaper watches.


Without a doubt a characteristic to take into account in an excursion watch, you do not want to be ruined by a storm or falling into the water. All outdoor watches on the list are water resistant, the only difference is the depth of use.

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