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Porsche 718 Spyder – A Must-Have Luxury Car in your Parking Spot

Porsche is known for its icon 911 models; however, another car from them also makes wave among people who are looking for a unique luxury car that offers more than just its mesmerizing looks. The 718 Porsche Spyder is the vehicle that will make a passerby turn around to gaze at this beauty.

If you are in Santa Maria Porsche dealer showroom, there is no way you won’t be curious about how it feels to drive this luxury car. However, before you do so, just have a brief idea about the specs that makes it a must have car in your parking spot.

Engine power and performance

Purchasing such a luxury sports car means it should offer the dominant thrills of driving such a vehicle. Under the 2021 Spyder’s model rests a naturally aspirated flat-six 4L engine, which generates a massive horsepower of 414 and has a remarkable RPM of 8,000.

The manual transmission is the standard norm when buying this car that makes it easy to reach 0-60 mph within just 4.2 seconds. However, optional dual-clutch PDK transmission is also available and there’s no need to mention that it is the best among all. This transmission ensures people to enjoy an even smoother performance with much lesser effort from a driver.

Also, the chassis is greatest when compared with its predecessors along with steering setup that offers precise and responsive handling, which is expected from a car like this. Lastly, it offers a mileage of 18 mpg in city and 24 mpg on highway, which is quite excellent for cars in this category.


This vehicle’s interior is as much attractive as its exterior. The two-seater layout is something that makes this car much appealing for people seeking a sport’s car. Though it’s not as spacious as a SUV or cars like that, it provides ample space for the driver and passenger to go on a long ride without any issue.

Also, supportive seats make long rides comfortable power adjustable backrest. Moreover, the cargo and trunk space is similar to its rival in this category and can be equipped with ample carry-ons that are enough for a weekend getaway for two people. Also, there are door pockets and other cubbies that can hold a few items of people like smartphones and more.

Other features include satellite Sirius XM radio, USB slots, Bluetooth connectivity, Bose sound system, navigation, Apple CarPlay, 7-inch touchscreen, and more. Also, heated seats, climate control (dual zone), cruise control, parking sensor, etc. are some of the other features that make owning this vehicle a delight.

Price of models

The base model of 718 Spyder starts from $97,300 and goes up from there according to customizations one prefers. To know more about this in detail you can visit Porsche dealer Santa Maria and consult with professionals there.

So, if you are looking to get your hands on a 718 Spyder, rush to your nearest dealer to take a test drive and get the best possible deal. Like it is mentioned earlier, it is a vehicle that you must have in your parking spot in 2021!

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