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What an Employment Lawyer can Do for You

Times are tough and employment opportunities don’t come often. You need both effort and time to get employed. It is quite frustrating to go through all the struggles to land an employment opportunity only to get fired or not get paid. Usually, employees can’t fight back because of fear or the lack of resources. If you are one of these employees, fret not. New Jersey employment lawyers  are available to help you in different employment-related situations such as the following:

Reviewing Your Employment Contract

Landing a new job is quite exciting. Because of this, you may not think of reviewing your employment contract. But, the contract may have some discrepancies, so you want an attorney to review it for you. Your lawyer will guide you on measures to take when some clauses in the contract are not clear.

Filing a Discrimination Complaints to the EEOC

If you experience discrimination at work, you should file an EEOC workplace discrimination complaint not more than 180 days after the incident. An employment attorney will guide you on the type of allegations you must include. With an attorney working with you, you won’t have to worry about incorrect filing.

Negotiating a Settlement with Your Boss

When you have an issue at work, you can expect all eyes and ears to be on you. During this disagreement, communication might not be possible. An employment lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement for you. If you are leaving your workplace, your attorney can negotiate for your severance.

Evaluating the Strength of Your Case

Whether you think you were unfairly treated at work or being harassed, you should first consider if you truly have a case and if it’s worth pursuing. You don’t want to waste your money and time pursuing a lost cause. Consulting an attorney can help you make the right decision. The lawyer will review the case and inform you about the best option to choose.

Giving Your Legal Representation

Whether your case has to go to trial or gets settled outside of court, your lawyer will be your legal representative. This means that they can talk and negotiate on your behalf. Although your case may seem easy, the law has many twists that can send you home empty-handed. This is something you can avoid if you seek legal assistance. A good lawyer will communicate with you constantly to keep you informed about any updates to your case and work hard to fight for your rights.

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