The Best Investment Strategies for Everyone

If you ask an average person about investing, the most common response that you would get is – Investment is intimidating. Which is quite obvious for an ordinary man with ordinary sources of income to say. But, what if I tell you that investing money is frightening till the time you do not come across the right strategy.

There is a bunch of investing strategies which work just fine irrespective of what your net worth is. CPAs Clark Sheffield along with Jace Mattinson had a discussion over the subject matter with 50 persons with a net worth of one to eight million.

In this survey, fifty millionaires coming from different backgrounds were interviewed. From doctors to businessmen to plumbers, many stratums of workers were a part of this endeavor. Everyone had a distinctive investment portfolio, but all the investment strategies have various similarities. So, here is the list of the best investment strategies that almost anyone can adopt.

  1. Move your focus from vertical income to a horizontal one

A common factor amongst these millionaires is that they didn’t completely rely on the paychecks coming from their main jobs. Instead, the seek opportunities for a passive income. In simpler words, they earned money from other sources to maintain their lifestyle and fulfill investment goals. A few places where they invested were – real estate, blogging, tiny business ventures and so on.

  1. Use the 20-20 rule

Another rule that these millionaires followed was to invest around 15-20 percent of their main income for a long time and not keen more than 20 percent of their net worth in their primary residence. Most of the people who were interviewed did not have their rent payment or mortgage over 25 percent of their take-home salary. A critical point to remember is that allocating heavy cash into your chief residence hinders investment objectives. So, if you wish to keep investing, do tie up too much money in the primary residence.

  1. Leverage tax-free luxury building

The investment strategy to acquire wealth through tax-free opportunities worked for many of the millionaires we survey. They tried their luck in Roth IRAs, employer sponsored retirement schemes along with Health Savings Accounts amongst a myriad of other plans.

HSAs are known to be under-discussed and underutilized. They offer several tax planning techniques, investing benefits, and there is not any income limit for proving yourself to be eligible for these contributions.

  1. Examine your asset’s tax location every annum

A principle information that you need to remember when investing is that not all types of incomes, retirement vehicles and investment accounts are equally taxed. The respondents of the survey had an eagle eye over their assets, investments as well as tax allocations. They planned all the elements of how and from which source their income was coming in. Also, the retired ones were well geared up for retirement since they went global with their investments along with tax planning.

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