Vidmate app, the super hit app to download your videos

Today is the age of digitalization and people are addicted to digital life. They use it for every purpose that they do, even the simplest things that earlier was done manually. Apart from life made easy, there is a sure dependency on technology. Entertainment is on fingertips and people are enjoying that. To enhance the entertainment experience, some apps have been developed which makes it a whole new experience. Vidmate App is surely one of the hit names in such.

What is vidmate?

Vidmate App is an app which has been developed which help in downloading videos from online sites. It has made the downloading a flawless experience as unlike the redirection to another site prevents the hassles. It has coverage and supports thousands of online sites, from which you may need to download.

Why is it different from other video downloaders?

Unlike many other video downloaders, Vidmate has the feature to support many sites, which does not support download otherwise, but via vidmate, it can be done easily. Moreover, it supports download from not just online video sites, but also social networking sites that usually do not support download.

How to use Vidmate?

Go to the home page of Vidmte, there is a list of more than 2000 sites, from which you may need to download. You just need to select the site, on being redirected there, search for thevideo you need, and then easily download by clicking the hovering button that pops up. This makes the downloading super easy and a one-click affair.

What are the extra features of Vidmate?

You can watch live tv on this app. This is one of the features that is not available on other apps which support download video download. It is one of the features that is most loved by the users.

Can You choose the format you want the video to be in?

Yes, Of course. This is one of the latest added features of this app. You get to choose the format of the video, you want it to be in. to make it even better and user-friendly, It also has the feature to select the quality of video as well. You can also download the video in an audio format. This is amongst the latest update of the app. This has been much appreciated and has made it a hit amongst all the other contenders.

 Can it be used on an android phone, laptop, and iPhone?

Unfortunately, it does not support the iPhone software, it surely makes the experience for Android users convenient. Also, it can be used on the laptop. The updation is still on to make it compatible for the iPhone os as well, but as of now, it is available only for android and windows.

 How to download the Vidmate App?

To download the vidmate app, either on Android or windows, you need to download its apk file and run it, to install. On its installation on your device, you may use it as per your convenience.

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