Why is 2021 Volkswagen’s Golf One of the Best Selling Compact Cars?

When talking about hatchback cars, Volkswagen Golf always comes to mind of people. There is a reason as to why it is still one of the best-selling compact cars to ever grace the automobile market. Its engine power along with performance, fuel efficiency, practical interior, and features makes it an ideal vehicle to either cruise around town or simply go for a thrilling drive on a highway. 

Before you decide to contact VW dealer Rancho Cucamonga to book your suitable trim, you should be aware of some of the particulars that make this vehicle one of the best-selling compact cars. 

2021 Golf’s engine power and performance 

Inline-four engine (turbocharged) offers plenty of power that appropriately matches this small hatchback and ensures that it offers reliable and refined rides to all. IT will cruise smoothly around town as well as maneuver other cars efficiently on the highway without feeling underwhelmed. 

Moreover, this Golf model is known for offering compliant rides, which doesn’t make one feel tedious during a long ride or when driving on rough surfaces. Athletic feels and sticking to the road’s every curve makes driving it quite easy for all along with the steering features that make it quick for its class. It is a responsive vehicle that ensures that it is fun to drive and also is utilitarian in nature. 

The 2021 Golf is expected to offer at least 29 mpg (city) and 39 mpg (highway); these numbers are way higher than any other rival of the Golf in this segment. However, the automatic transmission offers the same mileage for the city while on the highway it provides 33 mpg. TO get an exact idea about fuel economy and real-world testing results you can visit Rancho Cucamonga VW dealer

Interior, infotainment, and safety aspects 

The interior of this vehicle is kept simple by Volkswagen yet it offers a sophisticated aspect to the design. The complete layout offers an openness that feels quite good to a driver as well as passengers. Also, though it’s a hatchback, rear seats offer enough comfort for people with plenty of legroom. Lastly, Golf’s cargo portion can accommodate a maximum of 5 tall carry-ons, unlike various sedan and hatchbacks. 

The infotainment system equipped in this vehicle is quite responsive and has standard features like Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB ports, 6.5-inch touchscreen, etc. 

Also, its safety aspects are higher than most of its rivals. NHTSA offered it a 5-star rating for crash testing. Certain driver assistance traits ensure auto emergency braking, warning during forwarding collision, etc. 

Spending money on trims 

Manual ($24,190) and Automatic ($24,990) are two trims that you can choose from. Depending on your preference you can choose either; however, most people opt for a manual option so that one can satisfy the driving enthusiasts inside a person more. 

Simply forego all confusion and opt for the 2021 VW Golf as when you buy it you can be sure that you are getting an impressive vehicle. Now you know the reason as to why this car has been one of the best-selling in the market for a very long time. 

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